Quarantine Chronicles Part 1 of 6: Live Social Media

It’s been four months since my last update. One would think that during this pandemic, I would have ample time to write, but I have been so occupied trying to stay productive that I have neglected my blog.
About one week ago, I felt the itch to put something together with pictures and videos I have collected over the past 5 months. Instead of taking you through the typical chronological play by play on my quarantine activities; I divided them into six separate blog posts, each representing a constant theme to my routine: Live Social Media, Dog Content, Video Projects, Cooking Projects, Holidays, and Training.

Live Social Media

Once Indian Wells was cancelled, there was loads of buzz in the tennis community about how players were going to pivot under these circumstances. It did not take long for me to line up a few podcast dates with Tennis Warehouse – Talk Tennis (with Michelle) and The Tennis Files (with Mehrban) and collaborate on Instagram Live with KSWISS and USC Women’s Tennis.

Talk Tennis with Michelle

Everyone at TennisWarehouse has this everything-about-tennis vibe, which makes it super cool to be affiliated with them. I loved connecting with Michelle on this podcast. She has an amazing energy about her that made our conversation loads of fun. We chatted about gear, how I was adjusting to the pandemic, and even talked a bit about a side hobby we enjoy, running!

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The Tennis Files with Mehrban

Recording this with Mehrban was a unique experience for me. I had done in depth interviews before, but none where I was virtually face to face with someone I was meeting for the first time. Mehrban got me to reflect on my career as a whole and asked questions that pushed me to voice my values and share the development of my mindset.

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USC Women’s Tennis IG Live

This was such a cool thing that came together last minute. When USC Women’s Tennis asked me to do an Instagram takeover, I figured it would be nice to get past players on IG Live and share a bit about themselves. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of. I loved how we were able to visit Trojans from different generations and hear what it meant for them to represent the university.


I had taken a few fun shots for KSWISS with Riley in it, so I figured it was only fitting if he made an appearance in my IG Live talk with Jackie on KSWISS Tennis. We spoke about challenges during quarantine as well as where my mental space was with all the uncertainty for the rest of the year. There are also some quick fire get to know me questions that kept this conversation light and fun.

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Get to know WTA player Danielle Lao

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With the extreme ramifications of COVID 19, I have felt physically distant from the world but oddly more connected to people in a way. Throughout this time, I have realized how lucky I am to live in a time where technology allows people to stay in tuned with the world as much as they want.

Stay tuned for more Quarantine Chronicles! Parts 2 through 6 will have Dog Content, Video Projects, Cooking Projects, Holidays, and Training.

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